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what's the 10 best foreign advertising alliances to replace Clickbank in 2021

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For a long time, Clickbank has been the giant of CPS digital product market of foreign advertising alliance, and many affiliates have made a lot of money from this platform.

With the changes of the times, Clickbank has more and more competitive platforms. Affiliate has more choice to choose platforms with better push, more brand advertising support and better payment terms. Now let's know what other digital product alliance platforms can do in addition to Clickbank.

Clickbank Alternatives

10 Best ClickBank Alternatives





Market health

Ebay partner network eBay's partner network


Amazon Amazon

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Commission Junction)

Rakuten advertising

1. Udemy

Udemy Alliance

The first alternative to Clickbank is udemy, which provides a digital product alliance to promote online courses for those who do not want to use the Clickbank alliance. Udemy contains a variety of online video course products, all inclusive video courses and 130000 courses in all aspects, which means that you have thousands of potential products to promote. And it won't be like Clickbank. The whole platform is a course of "making money online" and "getting rich quickly".

2. Skillshare

Skillshare Alliance

Skillshare was founded in 2010, but only recently has it made waves in the digital product alliance industry. Some of this may be because Clickbank is no longer as powerful as it used to be.

Skillshare is like a reduced version of udemy. It has a sense of communication forum and 30000 online courses. The biggest difference between it and the Clickbank alliance is that skillshare can buy members to watch all videos on a monthly basis, rather than buying a single video one by one. $16 allows you to get any course through skillshare premium.

Monthly charging is good for users, but for affiliate, it means that one person can only receive a commission of up to $7 per recommendation. Therefore, the author suggests taking skillshare as a supplement to the digital product alliance.

3. Avangate

Avangate Alliance

The difference between avangate and most other digital market alliance networks is that they only push software products. Therefore, it is often ignored by affiliate, so we have more good products to promote on this platform. There are all kinds of niche software, from network marketing to family security, payment, anti-virus and other software. These software are usually very professional, so the Commission also means higher than Clickbank.

4. JVZoo

Jvzoo Alliance

Jvzoo is very similar to Clickbank. You can only find digital products in their "alliance platform", which is a semi gray "online money making" course product. Jvzoo's product audience is more inclined to a certain category of people, and there are also categories of "health" and "self improvement". This kind of product information may be produced by PLR (private label rights). Jvzoo will pay 50% + commission for most $97 products. Therefore, publishers can earn a commission of $45, which is why so many people push jvzoo's products. The commission rate is high!

If you want to know more about this jvzoo alliance, you can see my previous article "jvzoo foreign digital virtual product promotion alliance evaluation 2020".

5. Market Health

Market Health

Market health is an alliance network directly targeting the health and beauty market. You may wonder what is the relationship between market health and Clickbank's alternatives? Because Clickbank has been a digital product alliance network for more than a decade, recently Clickbank has also started to offer physical products, especially health and wellness supplies. The commission rate provided by market health is also comparable to that on Clickbank. Basically, it pays the publisher 50% commission or $50 / sales.

6. EBay (eBay)

eBay Affiliate network

EBay affiliate network may not be the first alliance network to come to mind when looking for alternatives to Clickbank. Clickbank is best known for its digital products and recently launched health products. Most marketers believe that eBay only sells "second-hand" products, but 80% of the goods sold on the platform are new, including various software products, digital courses and health products. You need to filter obvious pirated software and other problematic offers. EBay has about 1.3 billion active SKUs at any time. In the early years, eBay affiliate network (EAN) could also make money by promoting offline. Some people made millions of dollars with CS technology.

7. ShareASale

ShareASale Affiliate network

With ShareASale, we will move towards a more traditional alliance marketing network, just like those who sell physical products. ShareASale is the world's largest joint online marketing platform.

Some of you may not know that the alliance has worked with many e-book publishers. Someone once made a lot of money by promoting an e-book of "therapy" for gastric acid reflux through a 5-page small website without backlinks.

However, ShareASale is now more focused on digital product sales. In other words, you will find a large number of digital products, especially software products, including some quite diversified software, such as mortgage, education software, video editing software, and so on. Therefore, among the 4500 advertisers on the platform, almost every market segment has suitable products, even affiliated marketing.

8. Amazon Associates Amazon Alliance

Amazon Associates Amazon Alliance

The biggest problem facing Clickbank is the credibility of the products sold on its platform. Relying only on an unknown single sales page, it is difficult for buyers to believe in the authenticity and effectiveness of their products.

But for Amazon, its product quality is strongly guaranteed by its back against the mountain of Amazon. Just like we don't worry about being cheated when we go shopping in Jingdong. Therefore, many Amazon Product evaluation review websites rely on Amazon alliance.

Another good aspect is that Amazon has an amazing number of product SKUs and products suitable for most occasions. Another good thing is that the threshold of Amazon's affiliate program is very low.

The only disadvantage of Amazon's affiliate program is that Amazon's commission rate is much lower than Clickbank, sometimes as low as 3%.

But even so, the Amazon alliance is still one of the best alliances in the world.

9. Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant

Commission Junction Alliance

For the Clickbank alliance, the operation of the Commission Junction alliance is completely opposite. The number of CJ needs to be approved, and most offers need to apply for the approval of advertisers, especially the new number is not easy to obtain the approval of advertisers. But these efforts are worth it because you can reach well-known brands you can't find on Clickbank.

For ads that can't be applied for, it's wise to build a relevant website, slowly establish traffic and ranking, and then write to advertisers to show your website and explain that you can help it promote offers. But you will find that most advertisers on the Internet recognize that established websites are much faster than new websites.

CJ has physical and virtual products, and many big brands, such as well-known host manufacturers, many Chinese have done CJ, and even EMU has done CJ. The Commission and payment cycle are very good, especially recommended.

If you want to know more about the Commission Junction alliance, you can see our previous article "how to make money from the Commission Junction alliance?".

10. Rakuten advertising


Rakuten advertising's predecessor is LinkShare, another major network alliance.

ShareASale, CJ and Amazon have been involved enough. Many people seem to ignore Rakuten Rakuten alliance.


If you need to promote new products, the 10 feasible Clickbank alternative advertising alliances described above can do.

Clickbank is slowly losing to its competitors. Udemy and skillshare are very strong competitors - price is the main factor. Market health plays a leading role in the health care products alliance.

If you have entered a foreign network alliance for a short time, it is recommended that you choose an alliance, carefully understand its process, conversion rate and payment cycle. Then slowly expand to other network alliances. After all, don't put the golden eggs of making money in one basket.