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Want to make dollars, but don't want to be too tired? Then make money by hanging Google Adsense ads on English content websites.

How to be an advanced English content website, and treat it as an asset to precipitate and accumulate, so as to obtain stable income after large traffic? Under the guidance of content marketing, make every content on the website into assets that can be precipitated for a long time, and help you lie down every day to obtain passive income. Imagine: when you come back from a vacation in Europe for three months, the advertising revenue will not decrease but increase, even if you haven't done anything in the past three months.英文内容网站挂Google Adsense广告赚美金

Isn't it beautiful? All this is realistic.

Google Adsense ads on English content websites earn US dollars

1. Business model

What is a business model?

The popular point is, what products and services do you provide and make money sustainably.

According to my observation, many people in China do foreign trade, B2B, wholesale, or help foreigners find sources of goods. The main online channels include Alibaba and independent stations; Offline is mainly an exhibition, and many people are making independent stations, investing in search advertising and developing SEO. Then it is to do cross-border e-commerce. Some only do platforms (such as Amazon) and some stand alone.

Some readers, I feel that they don't even know the business model or don't think about it well, and they start to start. They seem to be very busy every day, but they are very numb and busy. They don't understand the reason and goal of doing that.

They use only one strategy: imitate + follow

This is very dangerous. Even if you know what products and services customers in the market segment need, you can make money, but you lack a core word of the business model: Sustainability!

Be a simple person, do simple things and like a simple business model.

In the past, my career has been around English SEO and content marketing. I have optimized the company's website (in house SEO) and helped customers optimize the website (agency SEO) on behalf of the operating company. Finally, what I like is to make my own English content station (affiliate SEO). The reason is also very simple. The business model of English content station is the lightest.商业计划书模板

The business model of English content station is as follows:

Create high-quality content, get free traffic from Google and realize it through affiliates and advertising.

We have no products, no logistics, no customer service.. Some only have information (high-quality content) to solve the problem of an ordinary American searcher, that's all.

So you need to understand the business model of making dollars by hanging Google Adsense advertisements on English content websites!

Like any business, it has income and expenditure, and does content as a long-term business. Its business model is to make money flow price difference, make content, obtain flow, and then put advertisements. Like TV stations, they make their own TV dramas in order to attract advertisers to put in advertisements. An independent English content website, with its own domain name, content and server, does not rely on the platform.

The main way of profit is advertising

Through the planning and operation of the content website

The role of traffic intermediary is to make money, and the price difference of traffic

Making English content websites belongs to content entrepreneurship, which is the same logic as making content on major platforms (baijiahao, big fish and headlines) to obtain traffic and realize it through advertising, but it has the following special places:

The upgraded version of personal webmaster cuts off entertainment and randomness, and has rigorous business logic.

The same serious attitude as other businesses requires time and money.

Finally, there is hope to establish a successful business and help you make a lot of money.

The content website provides readers with information. According to Google's initiative, it gives users valuable information and can help them solve the problems they search. However, the value of the information provided is hard to say. English content stations fall within the scope of content marketing.

My vision is to help you create a long-term profitable content business through detailed and executable business anatomy. First, reach the basic income of $1000 / month to verify this business model and enhance confidence.


If the business model is too complex, one link goes wrong, which may lead to the paralysis of the whole chain. You'd better make a risk assessment before entering.

Compared with the English content station, the business model of b-end foreign trade and C-end e-commerce is much heavier and longer. Similarly, the risk is much greater.

Therefore, before you enter these fields, whether you are SOHO yourself or with the team, you'd better evaluate it first, rather than mess up when the risk comes.

2. Profit model

Why choose Google Adsense as the main profit model? What is the other supplementary profit model after the website traffic rises and how to operate it?

First of all, Google Adsense CPC advertising is the simplest way to change. Visitors can earn money by clicking on advertising, and the unit price is high. Secondly, the Google alliance is the largest in the world, with good application and stable and guaranteed collection. Thirdly, the collection is convenient. You can collect money from Western Union, check and bank card. With such a good alliance to practice, why do you want to be far away.

It is a practical business model to make money by hanging Adsense advertisements on content stations. The revenue value will grow with your business.

As long as Adsense has high-quality traffic, someone must click on advertising and make money.

If you don't use the free strategy to get traffic, you should consider the relationship between traffic acquisition cost and output. Google Adsense makes $0.46 a click for CPC advertising. I'm afraid it will be a big challenge to make money by investing in Facebook advertising. I personally think Adsense + seo is a good match, input and output.

Adsense is the simplest business model: good content + traffic interested in content + optimized advertising placement = revenue, no boss, no delivery, no customer service. I'm old. Now I'm much more interested in the passive income mode of lying down to collect money than the mode of actively working to make money, even if the passive income is less.

When the website traffic increases, it can also be realized through the following ways:

Sell your own products, such as knowledge products, video tutorials, e-books; Physical products

CPA guides users to complete specific actions, such as registering or installing app software

CPS relies on website alliance to sell products and bring commission income. For example, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc

Sell advertising space, sell external chain, sell website

Why do some people on the Internet say that it is difficult for Google Adsense to make money and only make up $100 for several years? Because their traffic is too small and the CPC click unit price of Chinese website is low. When there is relatively large traffic in Europe and America, Google Adsense will make a considerable amount of money.

3. The key to the success of English content websites

The key to success are as follows:

High quality sustainable content. It needs to be realized through content production and content release. It can be articles, pictures, videos, etc., but the text form is recommended. If the content is not good, the visitor jump out rate is high, let alone click on our advertisement.

Get a lot of high-quality and sustainable traffic. Under the same circumstances, the flow quantity is directly proportional to the income, and the higher the quality, the higher the income (European and American countries)

Do information topics, not product topics. Don't care too much about the commerciality of the topic, because there is no need for accurate intentional traffic.

A large number of low difficulty topics are the biggest way out. Keyword Driven topic generation. Limited resources, focus on content, spend a lot of time on topic and keyword selection and content team construction.

Keep looking for new and cheaper writers to get more cheap but good quality articles.

4. Traffic strategy

Search engine is the main traffic source and adopts SEO driven traffic mode. Traffic strategy supplemented by other traffic. Only do the content searched (low competition long tail keywords), and do not do the keywords not searched.

Advantages of search traffic:

Without the support of passive traffic mode, it will be very tired, and it will become difficult to make profits.

Reduce the later working time and workload, and reduce the traffic acquisition cost.

Higher search traffic quality, higher click through rate, higher unit price and higher revenue.

SEO Traffic is passive, long-term and cost-effective. But SEO Traffic is a long-term process, mostly in more than a year. So we need other traffic to supplement. Other flows have the following options:

Social traffic

Native advertising traffic

Email traffic

5. Simple business plan: Jiugongge's business model canvas

Regard the English content station as an entrepreneurial project, operate it with scientific business thinking, and make a business plan. See the template below. Click the picture below to enlarge and download.

Business plan template

This is the picture above, English: business model canvas, translated from: business model canvas.

Here is a brief introduction to the "nine palace grid" (from right to left, from top to bottom):

Customer segments: who is your target customer or audience?

Customer relationships: what kind of relationship do you want to establish with the target users?

Channels: through which channels can you reach your target customers?

Value propositions: what value can your product or service bring to customers?

Key activities: what are the main activities of your business operation?

Key resources: what resources do you need to keep these activities running?

Key partners: which partners do you need?

Revenue streams: how do you make money?

Cost structure: what are your costs and expenses?

For more information, see this article of 36 krypton: https://36kr.com/p/214438.html

There are many business models of online earning, among which English online earning models emerge one after another, such as lead EMU, CPA, CPS, mobile marking, and the recently popular Youtube Video Online earning. But Google Adsense advertising on English content websites is the most classic, simple and stupid model. The simpler the business model, the greater the success rate. In as few steps, as quickly, as easily, as simply as possible.